SECURUS is active in the foreign trade dialogue in Texas. In September 2018, SECURUS associates attended a meeting of the North Texas District Export Council in Dallas. In May 2018, SECURUS associates attended two meetings of foreign trade professionals in Texas: the North Texas District Export Council meeting in Richland on May 8 and the Austin Area Trade Compliance Roundtable on May 16. The meetings provided important opportunities to talk about recent and upcoming developments in foreign trade, with an emphasis on understanding and navigating U.S. customs controls and other countries’ trade regulations.

Texas is a powerful engine of global commerce. It is the leading exporting state in the U.S., with exports valued at over US$260 billion in 2017. Texas has 29 ports of entry, 11 deep water ports, and vibrant electronics, energy, machinery, chemicals, transportation equipment, and other industries.

SECURUS participates in the foreign trade dialogue in Texas as part of its effort to remain informed of the most up-to-date changes in trade regulations on the books and on the ground and its mission to provide clients with the most accurate information about the controls that apply to their goods.