What is SECURUS Strategic Trade Solutions?

We are a global foreign trade problem solver and information source. We merge the insights of business, law, policy, and academia to provide innovative, strategic solutions to the pressing foreign trade questions industry and government face.

Since 2010, SECURUS has operated on the front lines of the global economy. Importing and exporting goods. Managing dual-use and military trade. Confronting illicit trafficking. Helping to secure borders. SECURUS has strategic solutions to the complex challenges of industry and government.

We have a global reach and a network of contacts that give us insights into foreign trade developments around the world as they happen.

With our knowledge, experience, and strategic trade solutions, we build a bridge for people – entrepreneurs, small businesses, major enterprises, governments – to new markets, new opportunities, and new ways to make change happen. SECURUS is your port of entry to the world.

Members of our team

Lara Howe Stenberg, Managing Director
Richard Glen Young, Managing Director
Emily Holub, Lead Associate
Natalia Zamora, Lead Associate
Ashley Ates, Analyst
Alex Fabre de la Grange, Analyst
Autumn Dawn Fredline, Analyst
Kevin Oney, Analyst
Isabella Black, Research Assistant
Zetta Cannedy, Research Assistant


2016 WorldECR Export Control Consultancy of the Year

Where we work

SECURUS is global. We maintain up-to-date information on foreign trade regulatory changes, the trading environment, and trade challenges in virtually every corner of the globe. Click here for a map of the places where we work and have expertise.