Nolan Fahrenkopf

Dr. Nolan Fahrenkopf is an associate with SECURUS Strategic Trade Solutions, LLC. Dr. Fahrenkopf is an expert in missile proliferation and production, strategic trade controls, controlling arms and military equipment transfers, and UN Security Council Resolution 1540 compliance. He has provided recommendations to governments on strategic trade regulations, customs controls, and border security in Eastern Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, and East Asia. He has also provided support for the creation of product identification tools for customs officials. His work in this field has allowed him to lead seminars and conduct consultations with governments in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Georgia, and other countries.

Dr. Fahrenkopf has several years of experience working with industry, higher education, and the U.S. government. Dr. Fahrenkopf has extensive research and policy experience in weapons proliferation, particularly in the fields of aeronautics, conventional weapons, advanced missile technology, and nuclear systems. His dissertation explored the connection between security interests, scientific, technical, and organizational capital, and technological diffusion in the production of advanced missile systems. In academia, Dr. Fahrenkopf has been an adjunct professor since 2015. Classes taught by Dr. Fahrenkopf have included introductory international relations, weapons of mass destruction and proliferation, and international conflict and security.