Commercial Services

SECURUS helps traders of all sizes enter and navigate the complex world of foreign trade regulation. SECURUS works with major multinational enterprises, small businesses, and individuals – anyone looking to move their goods across borders.

Why choose SECURUS? Because SECURUS is transnational. We work with companies and regulators in countries around the world – advanced economies and developing markets – and we apply those insights to all of the work we do.

Classifying goods across national systems… Understanding licensing requirements across origin, destination, and transit/transshipment countries… Helping you to meet trade compliance obligations in all of the places where you’re doing business… This is the knowledge SECURUS has. This is what we do. SECURUS is your port of entry to the world.

Here are some of the services we offer:

• On-site and electronic training on munitions and dual-use laws and regulations, commodity classification, and applying for licenses
• Evaluating dual-use and military trade compliance needs for companies trading in the U.S., European Union (EU), and many other countries around the world
     – Registration needs
     – Licensing needs
     – Licenses most suitable for transactions, products, and business needs
• Classifying products on the U.S., EU, Japanese, Brazilian, Indian, Russian, and numerous other countries’ control lists
• Developing an internal compliance program for military and dual-use regulations in all markets where a company operates
• Internal compliance program auditing and recommendations
• Developing a technology control plan for intangible technology transfers, deemed exports, and data protection
• Customized reports on trade regulations for almost every economy in the world
• Analysis of how economic, political, and social factors in a market can affect trading opportunities