Government Services

SECURUS is a partner to governments in creating and promoting a fair, safe, and secure global foreign trade landscape.

SECURUS also works closely with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that support governments in facilitating and regulating foreign trade.

These are the areas we work in

Strategic trade control
     – Military and dual-use trade licensing
     – Trade regulation pursuant to international sanctions and embargoes
     – Administrative enforcement of military and dual-use trade controls
     – Criminal enforcement of military and dual-use trade controls
     – Trade regulation at airports, seaports, land border crossing points, and inland customs terminals
     – Green and blue border security
     – Outreach to industry

Combating illicit trade
     – Transnational crime
     – Drug trafficking
     – Human trafficking
     – Wildlife trafficking
     – Smuggling of counterfeit goods and other contraband

Trade analysis and facilitation
     – Increasing transparency of trade and customs information
     – Streamlining and automating customs clearance and control
     – Single window systems
     – Integrated border management
     – Coordinated border management

These are the services we provide

Research and analysis
     – Trade regulation legal, regulatory, and procedural gap analysis and recommendations
     – Customs and border security equipment and infrastructure gap analysis and recommendations
     – Assessment methodology development and implementation

     – Training of trade regulatory officials on trade licensing, commodity classification, administrative enforcement, and industry outreach
     – Executive training for senior policymakers and parliamentarians
     – Introductory training for trade licensing and enforcement officials

     – Enterprise mapping
     – Foreign trade website mapping and text development
     – Conference, seminar, and workshop development, planning, and execution

     – Consultations with trade regulatory officials to draft and enhance laws, regulations, and procedures
     – Tailored consultations on trade licensing and regulation; dual-use, military, and customs commodity classification; designing and instituting a public outreach strategy to improve compliance with foreign trade rules; and enforcing trade laws administratively and at the border